We’re so grateful for everything you have done for us
Dear Instituto de Fertilidad family, we wanted to announce that J. has entered t... Leer más
Grateful we met one another
Our family wishes you a Christmas full of health and happiness. You deserve the ... Leer más
Professionalism with a smile
First and foremost, we wanted to thank the whole team for the fantastic treatmen... Leer más
We can’t thank you enough for everything
P. was born on the 23rd of January and weighed 2.970kg. The whole pre... Leer más
Our dream of being parents has become a reality
In April, the Instituto de Fertilidad gave us our greatest joy: we would finally... Leer más
You make so much joy and happiness happen
Thank you so much for your work. You make so much happiness and joy happen. Keep... Leer más
Thank you for making this wonderful experience of having a child possible
We would like to thank the entire Instituto de Fertilidad team for making this w... Leer más
We’ve very happy and grateful for your work
To the entire team at the Instituto de Fertilidad, our little E. was an early bi... Leer más
Thank you for everything, U. & T.
Last month on the 8th, R. was born and weighed 2.870kg. Everything we... Leer más
Thank you to Belén and the Instituto de Fertilidad team.
We now have our little ones with us and they will soon weigh almost 3kg. O. Leer más
Our most profound thanks
My name is L. and I was a patient at the Instituto de Fertilidad a few months ag... Leer más
Thank you so much for all your support
As if it could be any other way: we send our regards with the most precious of g... Leer más
My darling baby has been born!
I wanted to share the news: my darling baby has been born! He came into the worl... Leer más
You have a fabulous team, thank you!
From the very start, I was so keen to meet my dads I arrived a little earlier th... Leer más
Thank you for helping me realise my dream of being a mother
Thanks to your doctors, I now have my little one with me who was born on the 9 Leer más
You work has brought joy and reason to our lives
Our little S. was born after a brief but intense natural birth. He weighed 2.750... Leer más
Thank you for this miracle!
We’re speechless: thank you for this miracle! T. and G. Leer más
We’re very happy and overjoyed to have realised our dream
Last Thursday we became parents to a baby girl! We want you all to meet R., so w... Leer más
Our initial anxiousness aside, everything went great
Less than a year ago, we first visited the Instituto de Fertilidad and were both... Leer más