At the Instituto de Fertilidad, we have a specialised department dedicated exclusively to gynaecology.

Our team of experts boast a wealth of experience and knowledge administering the latest testing for gynaecological examinations and fertility check-ups.

We work with a range of health insurance providers such as Maphre, Adeslas, Asisa, DKV and Caser in order to offer routine gynaecological evaluations which you can entrust in.

Annual visitation to a gynaecologist is the best guarantee of good health as gynaecological well-being is essential to fertility, prevention of sexually transmitted infections and a reduction in the chances of developing gynaecologic cancer.

Health Insurance Providers and Gynaecological Check-ups  

We work with the following health insurance providers:

Gynaecological Check-ups

Gynaecology is fundamental to physical well-being, so it is both important and recommended to have regular assessments by medical experts.


A healthy lifestyle in tandem with a basic understanding of vaginal health are essential from adolescence to post-menopause in women.

Gynaecological check-ups both inform and protect sexual and reproductive health, while routine gynaecological care aids the prevention of potential diseases.

Tests predominately carried out are:

  • Cytology: a sample of vaginal and cervical mucosa which permits the examination of cells.
  • Ultrasound scan: an inspection for cysts, polyps or myomas.

Regular check-ups also address personal information such as medical history, intimate hygiene and lifestyle.

Pelvic and breast examinations are also provided at the clinic, while laboratorial tests may also be administered to detect sexually transmitted infections.

Fertility Studies 

At the Instituto de Fertilidad we conduct fertility examinations once patient evaluation is complete in order to best decide which treatment is most appropriate to each case.

It’s important to know the condition of reproductive organs in order to be fully informed and act if and when necessary.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for an appointment for further information.

The basic tests performed range between:

  • Physical and gynaecological examinations: inspection of body mass and breast and abdomin-pelvic examinations.
  • Transvaginal gynaecological ultrasound: assessment of endocervical canal, uterine cavity, and appendages (fallopian tubes and ovaries).
  • Hormonal analysis: Blood test at the onset of a menstrual cycle or before menstruation. This test will help us understand the functionality of the ovaries.

Should you desire a male fertility test, we also offer semen analysis. Such examinations measure sperm count, motility and shape.

Once we have the results of each test, our specialists take time to explain each conclusion in the utmost detail.

If treatment is required, our team will walk you through all possible options and alternatives tailored to your personal needs.