Business Management Policy


The Fertility Institute is a clinic specialized in assisted reproduction based in Palma de Mallorca with many years of experience supporting all its professionals. Since its creation, it has stood out for its qualification, professionalism and dedication to each of the patients and treatments it has carried out, obtaining high pregnancy rates.

We are a unique company in our sector, both for our way of acting and for our management principles. That is why we implement, maintain and continuously improve our management system, whose principles of action are specified in:


PRINCIPLES for a management of QUALITY:

  • A COMMON PROJECT FOR THE FUTURE with our clients: the desire to have a child.
  • We share with patients a friendly, close and humane treatment, together with a PERSONALIZED ADJUSTMENT OF THE TREATMENT they need. So each one will be unique to us.
  • We know that behind each treatment there are hopes and illusions, for this reason we are very excited and invest in technological resources to advance in TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE.


PRINCIPLES for a management of ETHICS:

  • We are committed to OPERATING IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LEGISLATION and applicable regulations and firmly determined to respect the ethical principles that govern our activity.
  • TRANSMIT OUR ETHICS to all the people who collaborate with us.


All this with the participation of workers and collaborating companies, for which efficient communication systems, both internal and external, will be established and maintained to meet the objectives set and the commitments acquired by the company.

Signed. The address (October 2017)

Mallorca Fertility Institute