Instituto de Fertilidad

Instituto de Fertilidad is a clinic specialised in Assisted Reproduction Techniques established in Palma de Mallorca. Many years of experience and professionalism guarantee the best results.

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  • 900 - 2030


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  • In April, Instituto de Fertilidad made us fortunate. At last we were going to become mother and father of two gorgeous babies, little J and J. We had put all our hopes and dreams in this project. We were quite nervous during the pregnancy process, but our dream has finally come true. They were born strong. We want to thank you in the best way we can at this point, by sending you pictures of them. Thank you so much to the whole team. B and B.
  • P was born on January 23, weighing 2970 kg. The whole pregnancy was perfect and we really appreciate everything you did for us.
    B, A and J.
  • Little S was born after a natural, brief but intense birth. She weighed 2,750 kg and measured 45 cm. For all who want to be parents and need help, it is encouraging to see the pictures of those who have gone through the same process and have finally achieved what they both longed for. We give you an A. Your work has been the joy and reason of our lives. A big hug.
    M y M
  • Last Wednesday we became parents of a girl! We are excited and happy to have made our dream come true. We want you to meet R, so we will come to see you soon. Now we have to repeat to give R a little brother! Kisses.
    C, A y R
  • To the whole team of Instituto de Fertilidad: Our little E was in a hurry to be born, but everything went very well. We are very pleased and grateful for all your work in the conception of the little baby we have in our arms. As soon as we go to Mallorca, we will thank you all in person again. A big hug and thank you once again.
    P y C
  • We are speechless: just, thank you for this blessing!
    T and J.
  • Thank you for your work. You give much joy and happiness. We send you our sincere courage and congratulations!
    Family C.S.
  • My name is L and I was a patient at Instituto de Fertilidad some months ago. On Monday we became parents! He is a healthy and strong baby that came to this world thanks to your work. We send you a big hug, we will be grateful for the rest of our life. Thank you Londa, Mercedes, Belén, Emi, Puri, Cati, the embryologists and the whole team of Instituto de Fertilidad. You make possible such an important task for the happiness of people like us, who really want to become parents.
  • First of all, we want to thank the whole team for how fantastically you treated us throughout the treatment process. At all times great professionalism was present along with a big smile. We love to see how you worry about us and see the masterpiece you have achieved for us. It’s a lovely girl, very quiet and friendly. We look forward to giving her a little brother soon, so in a few months we will come back to Instituto de Fertilidad. Hugs,
    J and A.
  • Dear doctors, Now I have my little S with me, he was born on 9th of August. Thank you so much for helping me to fulfill my strong desire of becoming a mother and participating in the miracle of life. Thank you very much.